It is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the face and body, which are created by pimples and pus cysts during adolescence. In more severe acne hypertrophy scars edges follow purulent cysts. It is more severe in men than in women. Acne occurs at ages 10 to 17 years for women and 14 to 19 years in men. You may even see the first time at the age of 25. The disease persists for weeks, months or years. The factors that cause is endocrine, emotional stress and the pressure applied on the skin when touching the face with hands. It is wrong to view that chocolate and fatty foods can cause acne. Nutrition plays a minimal role in creation of the disease. Acne lesions are a complex influence of hormones (mainly androgens) and bacteria. Androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands that produce large amounts of sebum. Bacteria contain enzymes that convert lipids into fatty acids. Sebum, together with fatty acids causes a sterile inflammation of the points that sebum is produced. The glands extended, so that their walls can be broken and their contents so that sebum, lipids and fatty acids enter the skin, causing pus blisters. If you break these blisters scarring of the skin is caused. Local antibiotics are used but they can not manage to reverse the course of the disease. Long-term local antibiotic therapy for acne cause pseudo tumor in the brain (intracranial benign lumps). Also, in 25% of patients who make use of antibiotic therapy, elevated triglycerides levels in the blood have been found. 15% of patients have increased lipoproteins and 7% have increased cholesterol. All these high values increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If triglycerides increase above the threshold of 800 ng / dl then there is serious risk of pancreatitis. Hepatotoxicity occurs in 15% of patients. In some patients presented transient blindness at night. For this reason, patients who follow this therapy is recommended not to drive at night.

Homeopathy because balancing the endocrine system and strengthens the immune system treats acne in a very short time and without side effects. The effect of homeopathy is fantastic, because the skin is restored fully without anything to commemorate the previous pustule acne.


It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with itching, and usually associated with asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. Appears in the first 2 months of life and is slightly more common in men than in women. The untreated atopic dermatitis persists for months or years. The symptoms become very intense after stress, during pregnancy, during menses, in thyroid disorders, in temperate climates (worse in the winter and improves in summer), woolen clothes, and when the skin comes into direct contact with blankets. The skin produces erythematic blisters, swelling and scabs. In chronic situations created cracks in the palms of hands and soles of the feet, alopecia (hair loss) and per ocular coloring. The disease is found most often in the neck, the eyelashes, forehead, wrist, hands and feet. In most patients the disease persists for 15-20 years with coexisting asthma and hay fever. Patients who are sensitive to allergens, the disease may flare up. The drug treatment is with topical corticosteroids, local antibiotics, antihistamines, moisturizing the skin with oil bath. All these medications are intended to suppress the skin manifestation of the individual in deeper layers. Because the disease is a skin manifestation, thus treatment is very frequent and severe relapses occur without the disease ever to improve.

Homeopathy cures atopic dermatitis in a very short time. After taking homeopathic medication the skin symptoms for a few hours become more pronounced (homeopathy reaction). With this treatment the immune system strengthens, and become able to beat soon the disease. In parallel with skin, homeopathy heals anything that comes out such as asthma, allergies, alopecia….


It is an annoying skin disease of young women, characterized by reddish blisters that often converge and create an inflammatory plaque around the mouth and around the eyes. Dermatitis causes itching, burning and lasts for weeks or months. The chemical treatment are corticosteroids and antibiotics which suppress the disease without ever heal.

Homeopathy cures perioral dermatitis in a very short time simply by strengthening the body's immune system.


Is isolated loss of hair around the oval areas of the skin of the skull without any apparent inflammation. Complete alopecia is the loss of all hair and eyebrows. Universal alopecia is the final stage of the regional alopecia with loss of all body hair. Although the cause of alopecia is unknown, it is now clear that this is auto –immune disease. It is more common in men under 25 than in women. The frequency of men women is 2: 1. Very often in these patients find except alopecia a chronic thyroid inflammation called hashimoto thyroiditis or an auto immune disease called myasthenia gravis. So far there is no chemical treatment able to stop hair loss. Corticosteroids and antibiotics are used without special effects.

Homeopathy ceases the phenomenon of alopecia as strengthen the immune system. Hereby stopping the production of auto-antibodies and thus the auto-immune process of alopecia is healed. When this happens, and if the roots of the hair are not irreparably damaged, the phenomenon is reversed and the hair turns on stronger.


Chronic venous insufficiency resulting from increased pressure in the veins due to the incompetence of the venous blood return to heart. The result is swelling, dermatitis, fibrosis of the skin of the leg and eventually scarring. The disease is most common among women 30-40 years than men. These patients’ worse in the upright posture and improves with walking. In this disease valves of the veins where normally promote blood upwards (contrary to the force of gravity) are destroyed. Fibrosis is created in the vicinity of the veins causing even hardening and blockage of the lymph nodes. The perivascular fibrosis causes decreased blood supply to the skin. This will lead to creation of ulcers on the skin. Hospital treatment is fulfilled with sclerotherapy, which is the injection of a firming agent as a quadricycle sulfide in order to create new ones venous branches. This method poses many risks to the health of women and in the best case the disease reappears in a 5-year period. Even if the patient decides surgery, the disease reappears again after surgery.

The combination of reflexology and acupuncture gives significant results in venous insufficiency of the lower limbs because either one method or the other stimulates the brain and the brain responds therapeutically through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The important thing is that the treatment is permanent and irreversible.


It is of brown atrophic lesions in the anterior leg. Usually skin lesions are accompanied by microangiopathy. Small arterioles and venues are involved characterized by thickening of their cell. Often appears in the typical clinical picture of erysipelas. In the final stages appears as ischemia, and gangrene scar tissue.

Currently skin treated with homeopathy overall with diabetes disease. When homeopathy regulates blood sugar levels, skin is healed as well. Locally could be placed acupuncture needles to increase blood flow and avoid gangrene.


These are swollen vesicles and plaques usually itchy. The 15% and 23% of the population develop this skin disease during their lifetime. Chronic urticaria occurs around 25% of the population. Responsible for urticaria dermatitis is cold, sunlight and certain foods such as milk, eggs, sweets, nuts, nuts. Treatment is achieved with aspirin, H-1 blockers, and cortisone. But these therapies often cause relapses and the disease is not cured never permanently.

Homeopathy heals completely and permanently urticaria. This course is achieved by strengthening the immune system eliminating the disease from the skin.


It is an acute dermatological disorder caused by reactivation of varicella zoster virus and characterized by unilateral pain, rashes in the form of vesicles or blisters limited to dermatome innervated by the same sensory ganglion. Herpes zoster appears by 66% over the age of 50, and 5% under the age of 15 years. The virus passes through the skin in the sensory nerves and travels up the sensory ganglia where it is installed in a latent state. When the immune system eventually weakened, then travels backwards along the sensory nerve causing pain with skin lesions. Pain comes before coetaneous lesions. Symptoms can occur in cervical, thoracic and lumbar dermatome. O virus host emulates immune system and emerges on the skin within 2-3 weeks. Scarring in the skin may occur 1 month after the rash by 60%, pain remains 24% at 3 months and 6 months after 13% of patients continue to ache. Eyes are the worst skin localization.

Healing is a vaccine which reduces the recurrence of disease in the population. Also anti-viral agents, steroids, and antidepressants for pain are used.

Homeopathy disagrees fundamentally with that manner of dealing with the disease, which only leads to frequent recurrences. Homeopathy cures the disease, fortifying the immune system of the patient and making the virus inactive. Homeopathy releases gradually and permanently from pain and skin lesions.


it is an inherited skin disease that affects about 1.5 to 2% of the population and occurs in many clinical expressions, but the more typical psoriasis vulgaris is manifested by plaques on the scalp, elbows, arms in lumbar area, knees, arms and legs. Epidemiologically are two types of psoriasis. The type I (early onset) showed by 75% in women 16 years and men 22 years. The type II (late onset) occurring during 25% in men and women aged 56 years. The main factor provoking the disease is trauma, medications such as corticosteroids, interferon, and beta-blockers. The skin lesions occur with pain and usually last for months or may occur suddenly itching especially the scalp and genitals. Joint pain with inflammation occurs, the well-known way of alignment with psoriatic arthritis symptoms of weakness and cold feeling. Psoriatic arthritis occurs in 10% of cases of psoriasis without skin rashes, occur only asymmetric nodules in the joints of the wrist and fingers. Recently has been found that the suppression of the immune system is responsible of psoriasis. For treatment are used, steroids, colloids, vitamin D, retinoid, and phototherapy in particular for surfaces of the palm.

Homeopathy treats the disease gradually fortifying the body's immune system. If concomitant diseases are not present patient sees continually reduced permanently over time psoriatic skin lesions. Auriculotherapy is also a therapeutic method that acts as a catalyst to the complete elimination of psoriasis. Auriculotherapy diagnosis the inadequate skin frequency and transmits it back to the skin. The results are amazing with both methods.


Is acute or chronic inflammation of the skin caused by a chemical stimulus as a disinfectant or an allergen creating a hypersensitive reaction. This erosive dermatitis which formed vesicles, blistering and flaking scabs. The acute toxic dermatitis treated spontaneously if you stop skin contact of the toxic agent. Eczema Allergic dermatitis is an immune reaction that extends out to surrounding tissues with intense itching. Treatment achieved with corticosteroids, which cause frequent relapses of the disease.

Homeopathy cures eczema simply fortifying the immune system. The skin retrieves its natural form and itching disappears.