Is overactive thyroid gland and is divided into Graves disease (over activity of the entire gland as a whole), toxic adenoma (over activity of a small region of the gland) and sub clinical hyperthyroidism, a false positive situation that emerge only from laboratory values, without major clinical findings.

In case of hyperthyroidism would be prudent before starting a homeopathic treatment, receive first therapeutic radioiodine to settle the production of thyroid hormones in normal values avoiding toxic crisis. Homeopathy solution dominates surgery, because a vital organ like thyroid is not removed, the patient does not need to regulate thyroid with chemical drugs throughout his life and is much cheaper cost. Homeopathy in a second period would equilibrate completely the production of thyroid hormones in the normal range, in a very short time.


It is the inability of the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism is divided in to primary and secondary hypothyroidism, due to sub acute thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis.

The autoimmune thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid gland caused by the very immune system that produces antibodies which attach the self thyroid gland. Subacute thyroiditis is an acute inflammation of the thyroid gland most likely due to patient viral infection. Presents, with fever, neck soreness and agitation.

The autoimmune thyroiditis which will result in hypothyroidism clearly shows a deficiency of the immune system to distinguish that the thyroid proteins belongs to his body and attacks them. In homeopathy this process is reversed and the disorder balance long before hypothyroidism comes.

Sub acute thyroiditis is a temporary state of hypothyroidism, which usually reverses itself. However, if the disorder remains, homeopathy may be the balance in a short time.

In primary hypothyroidism, the patient receives replacement therapy, means that he receives the amount of thyroxin that would normally have to produce his thyroid in the body. Starting homeopathy the patient will first need smaller amounts of chemical thyroxin until the body's balance the disorder.  Homeopathy’s purpose is thyroid restoration without chemical drugs, if the gland is not destructed.


Goiter, is the increase size of the thyroid gland with the simultaneous presence of one or more nodules (small thyroid sclerosing areas). Classical endocrinology provide thyroxin throughout the whole patient’s life in order not to further increase both goiter’s and nodule’s dimensions.
 Homeopathy reduces thyroid dimensions, once mental and emotional equilibrium has been succeeded.  


Papillary is the most common histological type for people under 40 years. It grows very slowly and does not give metastasis. The prognosis of this histological type is very good with survival over 20 years. After surgical removal and radioactive iodine ingestion by the patient, homeopathy will further lengthen the survival time.

 Follicular mainly affects middle-aged people. Rarely can give lung or bone metastasis. Homeopathy after surgery and radioiodine, prolong life expectancy.

Ana plastic is the magliniest form with frequent metastases in lungs and bones. Homeopathy can offer anything after surgery, only precaution to prevent its formation.

Medullar is the rarest form. It is distinguished, by the increased caltsitonin blood level. Prevention with homeopathy is recommended, especially in children.





Paget's disease


It is a disorder that causes increased secretion of PTH. Mainly caused by 80% from an adenoma that is the hyper function one of the four parathyroid glands located behind the thyroid gland. In smaller percentage found as genetic disease called familiar hyperparathyroidism. More common is the case with the hyperplasia of the parathyroid glands mainly from other causes such as renal failure.

In primary hyperparathyroidism is important to know in the case of adenoma whether hyperparathyroidism is severe or mild. In the case of mild hyperparathyroidism that means a mild increase of PTH, is best treated with homeopathy because in this case organism has developed only an inclination to hyperparathyroidism and not the full disease. In this case the homeopathy will fully balance the mild hyperparathyroidism upset and even in a short time.

In the case of primary hyperparathyroidism which has developed an adenoma, the classical treatment is surgical removal. After surgery, homeopathy can restore both body from side effects of surgery and the new disorder that arises because of the removal of the parathyroid glands. Of course homeopathy could not restore the damage that would result from incorrect surgical treatment such as postoperative mutating.

If the secondary hyperparathyroidism is derived from another disease such as chronic renal failure, it should be restored first with homeopathy the kidney failure, hence secondarily the hyperplasia of the parathyroid glands.


Iit is a chronic hypocalcaemia caused by unknown reasons or lack of vitamin D or even by genetic disorders. 
Both the idiopathic hypoparathyroidism and that which is caused by deficiency of vitamin D can be treated with homeopathy which leads to the full restoration of the disorder.


It is the most common disorder among women who are in menopause. This disorder is loss of bone mass. It is responsible for fractures of the spine, pelvis and forearm. This is a hormonal disorder that is estrogen deficiency, normally secreted during the menstrual cycle. The standard treatments are many like estrogen, bisphosphonates, caltcitonin, but they fail in many women to stop the frantic bone loss. While other women who may be elderly, have minimal bone loss. This observation just confirms the homeopathy theory, which argues that patients with the same disorder reside in different level of health. That elderly woman who has little or no osteoporosis has a better standard of health compared by a younger woman with a higher degree of osteoporosis. 
However osteoporosis disorder takes time and patience by women who decide after the installation of osteoporosis to start homeopathy. For women starting homeopathy while still having their menses both menopause periods with hot flashes is smoother and the mass loss is not installed or at least they have a minimal loss of bone mass after menopause.


It is a focal disorder of bone remodeling that leads to disruption of normal bone architecture and sometimes produces bone deformities. Histologically suffer osteoclast cells that specialize in bone absorption during the phenomenon of bone regeneration. Laboratory found in the urine of sick patients, increased amount of collagen that is the most basic substance for bone formation. Clinically this disease is difficult diagnose by osteoarthritis. The definitive diagnosis is made with bone scintigraphy. The usual conservative therapy which fails to relieve the patient from the complications is caltcitonine salmon, the bisphosphonates and plicamicyne (antibiotics).

Homeopathy balances osteoclast disorder and initially breaks off the deterioration of the disease along with the side effects that may be neurological, rheumatologic, metabolic or neoplastic. In a second stage time comes the bone improvement.


The adrenal glands are located above the upper pole of each kidney. Adrenals designed to produce various hormones such as, glucocorticoids, (cortisone) aldosterone and androgens. The secretion of these hormones is controlled by a hormone produced by the pituitary gland to ACTH. Disturbances of hormonal secretion of adrenal cause:

Cushing is the excessive production of cortisol.

Addison is inadequate production of glucocorticoids.

Cohn is (Hyperaldosteronism) excessive production of aldosterone 

the above diseases are usually rare and coexist as a complication of a generalized disease such as the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Patients reside at the lower levels of health and homeopathy is for them only palliative.

The adrenal glands also produce epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and dopamine which is nerve synapses neurotransmitters. The overproduction of these hormones causes a disorder that is anatomically a volume called pheochromocytoma. Clinically, pheocromocytoma is manifested, as excessive high blood pressure. This disorder is very common among our fellowmen, and develops in people very sensitive and downtrodden. These people feel much anger in them but they do not develop it at all. The disease occurs at any level of health from first to last. With homeopathy these people have very good prognosis. Otherwise they should be operated with all the side effects of surgery and the disorder will not change post surgery.
 In homeopathy, the volume that is formed by pheochromocytoma melts and people become more extroverted, which means that no longer develop this disorder.



Is colic pain from uterine contractions. Reflected back into the pelvis and thighs and is accompanied by nausea in some women with vomiting and diarrhea. Usually this problem is treated with anti-inflammatory without of course never fully healed.
 In homeopathy, the disorder is fully cured with a single treatment.


it is a hormonal disorder of the female menstrual cycle coexistence of a minimum or abundant bleeding within the same menstrual cycle or between two circles, frequently through irregular intervals since the last cycle. It may be accompanied by hair growth or galactorrhea. Laboratory usually appears high hormonal values of FSH, LH.

Gynecologist’s treatment where usually resort a woman with this disorder, is oppressive treatment with contraceptive hormones which cause ovary suppression. Usually interrupted when the woman wishes to become pregnant but the pathology is never cured. Then these women often resort to other methods of conception such as artificially induced ovulation...

With homeopathy, disorder of amenorrhea is normalized completely. The menstrual cycle becomes normal and the woman is ready to capture if she desires.


It's very common characteristic case known as polycystic ovary syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by amenorrhea without ovulation and often combined with obesity and body hair. Laboratory found disproportionately increased the hormone LH. The ovary is increased in size and in many cases the final size of the ovary is larger than the original. The cause of this disorder is unknown but presumed to be due to stress. Treatment is symptomatic. To induce ovulation Clomiphene is given. For the body hair growth, anti-androgens administered and so on. The important thing is that the disorder is not improving ever.

Homeopathy offers a complete cure of this hormonal syndrome because homeopathy first increases women fertility, balancing the hormonal cycle and second because the treatment is holistic, body hair is washed away as well. Thereby, women are fertile and beautiful.


In this syndrome some hormones production such as DHEA, DHEAS, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are increased. It is believed that the production of male hormone (androgen) is responsible for women's hair growth. Hair may be accompanied by acne, oily skin or amenorrhea. The classical treatment of hair growth due to suppress the secretion of androgens, is performed by oral contraceptives, progesterone, glucocorticoids and anti-androgens say in a few words: chemical hormones.
Homeopathy offers in cases of female hair growth caused by hormonal imbalance full recovery. Homeopathy balances both the hormonal system and the psycho-intellectual feminine personality. Women who apply homeopathy not only deprived of body hair, but emit self confidence.


During female menopause takes place hormonal disorders. Laboratory values fall in progesterone and estrogen. Increase the value of FSH compared to LH. Also reduces estradiol and androgens. Because of hormonal changes that women experience hot flushes, insomnia, palpitations, sweating and sometimes vaginal bleeding. Emotionally, they feel anxiety, irritability and depression. Skin signs are hair growth on chin and around the lips. Long make osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems. Classic treatment of menopause is the replacement therapy. That replaces hormones no longer secreted, by chemical hormonal preparations. But the side effects are numerous and in many cases irreversible. The effects on the nervous system are changes in mood and behavior, the hematopoietic system with disturbances in blood clotting, liver disorders with decreased biliary flow and gallstones, cardiovascular disorders with hypertension, dermatological disorders with acne and many others.

Homeopathy balances the hormonal system of menopausal women without any side effects. The menopausal women enjoy the social and sexual life without flushing without sweating with normal sleep and stress free. For them life does not cease with menopause, but still enjoy it as before.


Is a pancreas disorder which normally secretes 2 hormones insulin which lowers blood sugar, the glucagons normally increase, while disorder is insulin receptor normally found in liver, muscle and adipose tissue. There are 2 types of diabetes.

The insulin dependent, that is more common in young people, and in which no insulin is produced by pancreas and therefore the blood sugar levels rise beyond repair.
The non-insulin dependent diabetes for 85% of cases and is associated primarily with obesity. In this case receptors of muscle and fat cells are desensitized to insulin stimulation. In short while pancreas secretes more and more insulin that fail to act thus displayed high levels of blood sugar. The treatment in insulin-dependent diabetes is insulin immediate and long term. This patient is forced to watch with mathematical precision the quantity of meals and make 3 times daily insulin injections. The non-insulin dependent diabetes is milder. It is important to proper diet and weight loss. The pharmaceutical Treatment includes oral medications such soulfonilourees, chlorpromazine’s, tolazamides, glipizide etc. designed primarily to sensitize insulin receptors.
In juvenile insulin dependent diabetes which is a difficult disease because is genetically determined, homeopathy aims to reduce the amount of insulin the patient needs each day.
In non insulin dependent diabetes where the patient works with the diet, homeopathy initially lowering blood sugar levels and secondarily reducing the anti- diabetic medications.