Usually a viral infection causes sinus inflammation. Acute sinusitis is a bacterial infection. Patient’s complaints are headache, indisposition and nose purulent secretions. Sinus becomes sensitive and pus filled. The chemical treatment accomplished with 10 days antibiotics.

Homeopathy offers treatment in a much faster time. Symptoms are estimated not only locally such as pus color, but holistically such as body’s temperature.


Otitis external is an infection of the external auditory canal. The patient suffers from pain and perhaps itching. Drum membrane may be involved by the inflammation.

Otitis media is the middle ear infection, which cause eustachian tube swelling and obstruction. Symptoms are fever, ear pain, decreased hearing, vertigo and tinnitus.

The chemical treatment accomplished by antibiotics.

In homeopathy both the outer and middle ear infections are treated quickly regardless of the cause. Symptoms such as fever, decreased hearing, pain and swelling subside by the second day of treatment. The most important is that by strengthening the immune system, disease relapse is excluded.


It throat inflammation and usually occurs during the winter months. The main cause is a bacterium called streptococcus. The chemical treatment is accomplished with antibiotics for at least 10 days.

Homeopathy treats acute pharyngitis in very short time.



Characterized by partial or complete airway obstruction. Airways become inflamed, edematous and mucus filled. <Bronchospasm> or asthmatic crisis with dyspnea, follows recurrent intense coughing and breathing wheezing. During asthmatic crisis, patient must take bronchodilators drugs anyway to open up the bronchi and be able to breathe better. Long asthma treatment is accomplished with corticosteroids but the disease is just suppressed without ever cured. But despite corticosteroid treatment the disease recurs several times.

Homeopathy can cure childhood asthma, because children’s immune system remains strong despite suppression by corticosteroids. In adults bronchial asthma is treated fully, whether they have not been long-term treated by corticosteroids. People who get homeopathy remedy after many years of cortisone use, during asthmatic crisis will react very strongly and will be conducted to the hospital, where they will accept cortisone injection as treatment, thereby removing the effect of homeopathy. In adults where asthma is not steroids dependent, complete homeopathy treatment is achieved. Regarding now patients who have resorted to cortisone use for years, we can start with acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture will bring the immune system in such condition to afford homeopathy aggravation during asthmatic crisis without hospital resorting.


Characterized by a large stretch of the final parts of the airways called bronchioles accompanied by destruction of pulmonary walls called alveoli, where exactly oxygen with carbon dioxide exchange is accomplished. Smoking is the main cause of emphysema. There is no treatment because damage is irreversible. Stop smoking to avoid damage extension is recommended. If the damage of the entire lung’s lobe is concerned, surgery is recommended.

Homeopathy can not reverse the damage because blood flow in this region is impaired. Nevertheless homeopathy can avoid further lung’s parenchyma deterioration.


Determine the persistent cough with phlegm production for more than 3 months a year for at least 3 years. Main cause of this disorder is cigarette smoke. Treatment is symptomatic if a smoker decides to quit.

Homeopathy ever since stopped smoking offers a complete restoration. For smokers who can not quit smoking acupuncture provides good support.


It is the excessive and persistent dilatation of the bronchi due to destructive changes in elastic fibers of the bronchi walls. Usually bronchiectasis is localized in a single lung segment. The immune deficiency is the main cause of this persistent inflammation. Cystic fibrosis is the most typical case of immunodeficiency. Bronchiectasis is recognized by chronic cough with phlegm and occasional drops of blood. In acute situations, hemoptysis is more intense.

Homeopathy can fully restore the above disorder, if vascular tree damages are not created and bronchial wall has not completely destroyed.


It is a genetically inherited bronchiectasis which weakens bronchi’s cleaning system, causing frequent infections, chronic inflammation and bronchial wall destruction. The disease is usually recognized in childhood. Pharmaceutically bronchodilators targeting b1 and b2 wall receptors but with very short duration of action. Also for cystic fibrosis anticholinergic drugs, corticosteroids and theophylline are used. All these drugs are intended to preserve disease’s symptoms in a good condition.

Homeopathy can improve the overall condition of the disease if bronchi walls have not been destroyed. It is however difficult to provide full recovery because it is a genetic disease that means that the disease is written upon patient’s genes. However disease’s symptoms can be ameliorated. 


It is a disease of unknown origin where granulomas formed throughout the body (skin, liver, spleen, eyes) and particularly the lungs. Appears on 3 to 4 decades of life and is more common in women. The diagnosis is made histologically, but clinically appears hypercalcemia, anemia and an enzyme increase called angiotensin. Clinically patient shows reduced lung capacity. Treatment is accomplished with corticosteroids, which relieves temporarily but does not improve long-term prognosis.

Homeopathy treatment offers a complete cure as long as patient’s immune system is in good condition. If the immune system is very repressed, homeopathy just stops farther deterioration, keeping the disease stable.


Is an infection caused by bacteria entering the lungs by inhalation of fine particles, or from blood infection or even more frequently by throat secretions. Once identified the bacteria, the corresponding antibiotics are given by the official medicine.

Homeopathy disagrees with this lungs infection encounter because 1) the antibiotics decrease body’s defensive ability. 2) Allow the microbes to develop stronger strains to antibiotic 3) Pneumonia can be cured with homeopathy. Therefore homeopathy is not interested for the specific bacteria which causes pneumonia, but only for symptoms such as fever, temperature etc. It is probable that the patient will need a second homeopathy remedy after the first, to be cured completely. So during the treatment, new symptoms come out for patient’s readjustment.


Is a tumor that can be found both in the bronchi and the pulmonary parenchyma. The main cause is smoking, even for passive smokers. Lung cancer appears in the 5th to 6th decades of life. There are 4 histological types of cancer: 1) The scaly epithelial cell 2) The adenocarcinoma 3) The magnocellular 4) The small cell. Small cell has the worse prognosis. The formal treatment is surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation follows. Survival after surgery and chemotherapy is approximately 5 years and this is because surgery shock and chemotherapy conduct to very low levels of energy health.

Homeopathy could not cure lung cancer patients. However could lengthen life expectancy. Small cell cancer is non curable even by homeopathy because of its rapid evolution.