Many people today, and some almost every day, suffering from headaches that are not accompanied by another illness. Such headaches may create work inability and mostly not easily relieved. But what really happens when someone experiences a headache? Headache is the result of our bodies’ protective mechanism action. It can be likened to a warning system which alerts us that a sensitive brain tissue is stimulated, and an action is required to remove the harmful stimuli. Headache makes aware that something is amiss. For your physical and mental health relief, some energy is needed. But what really hurts when we suffer from headache? What are the brain tissues sensitive to pain? May seem strange, but the brain tissue is not sensitive to pain. Although, the mechanism of pain sensation is an important brain function, both surgeons and physiologists have proved that brain blood vessels pulling or stretching is the headache cause. Similarly, when the headache occurs outside skull, pain is mostly due to arteries wall thin muscle fibers stimulation, or through the powerful head and neck muscles. It is implicit therefore, that painful stimuli origin, determine the headache’s characteristics. Thus, if arteries are pain responsible, headache has throbbing character, due to blood vessel walls pulse feeling with each heartbeat. Contrary, if the muscles are responsible, headache is more lasting and painful. As a warning symptom, headache can be caused by a variety of situations that are serious and dangerous to life and others that are benign in nature. The different types of headaches fall into two main categories. First to those associated with an internal disease called organic and second functional which cause functional disorders. Organic headaches include those caused by infectious or allergic conditions affecting the nose and respiratory cavities, teeth and jaw abnormalities, eyes and ears diseases, spine and neck degenerative conditions such as brain tumor and brain inflammation.
Nevertheless the vast majority 90% of headaches is functional type that means benign nature, and simply warns of our lives activities perturbation. But if you suffer from many years headaches, then it is called tension headache or simply migraine. That is, if you suffer from tension headache, pain is constant and stable form. Headache is felt in the back muscles, on both head sides. Less often is a headache feeling under the eyes. You still have the sensation that the head is squeezed in a vice and tightened it with a tight band. Of course there is the possibility to try out a feeling of heaviness or pressure in your head. Tension headaches caused by excessive or prolonged scalp muscles and strong support the head neck muscles contraction. Migraine is rather different. The word migraine is generated from the Greek word meaning <half the head> and in most cases the pain affects only one side of the head. Unlike the tension headache pain, migraine pain is shooting due to swollen arteries outside the skull. There is often a feeling of nausea or other digestive disorders and the pain can be so intense as to prevent the job and obligate the person to lie down. There may be more than one person in a family suffering from migraine headaches because migraine is hereditary. In cases of classic migraine, as opposed to the common migraine, an attack can be seen from a first stage warning headache called <Aura>, like spots or flashes of light before the eyes. For immediate treatment of the simplest headache, medication is an analgesic or painkiller. Many preparations are widely advertised, are easy to find and contain mixtures of various chemical drugs which are harmful, but because of side effects are best avoided. When circumstances permit, the relief comes without the use of medicines. Tension headache or muscle contraction can lapse a short period of rest and relaxation. If you can interrupt your work routine and lie down for half an hour in a quiet room, you will definitely feel the benefit. Effectively direct treatments can be hot or cold compresses several cups of coffee or tea, hot or cold bath or resign of a refreshing sleep. All this brings relief because they affect brains blood vessels. Surely you must eliminate and predisposing factors that contribute to headache recurrence. These may be the pore over of food or drink, suffocating and poorly ventilated atmosphere, affray, fatigue, tension, anxiety, violent emotions, anger, fear, noise….

But what if your headache is not relieved by these measures?

Surely the solution is not to take chemical drugs, because they alleviate or relieve momentarily for a while, and then headache will come back more severe. Homeopathy is the complete solution offering treatment eliminating the intensity and frequency of even the most severe headache. Homeopathy strengthens the human immune system and effort our body to cure it. Human body tries to decompress the headache intensity both mentally, physically and emotionally. Homeopathy as a healing system mobilizes the body's mechanisms in the right direction of a permanent treatment. Our organism is also so complex, while we just looking at headache which is debilitating to us, it is like seeing only the iceberg tip. Homeopathy doctor has the ability to bring out anything composes the embossed headache image. He treats headache, estimating the external headache image, along with all the mental and emotional symptoms. It is a delicate process that depends on the healing power of a single drug in minute doses, however, able to mobilize a permanent self-healing. When of course headache causes, include degenerative changes of the neck and spine, then acupuncture is an auxiliary therapeutic method that stimulates the production of endorphins that are opioid peptides secreted from the adrenal glands and cerebrospinal fluid thereby relieving pain.