Curriculum Vitae

Lazaros Karaloizos 

Οgl 3Α, Larissa Greece 
Phone No: 2410 - 283752, 2410 - 233127, 6944 228081 
Fax.: 2410 - 283735 
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Date of birth: 28/07/1966 

Medical school of Rome (1985-1992) 
«La Sapienza» (19/3/1992) 

 «Esame di Stato» Medical school Bologna (8/4/92)


Adenocarcinoma of endometrium, recent orientation therapies and experience of our gynecologic clinic 


12 months practice (1/6/93 to 1/2/94) during my military service at Greek Navy
Internal Medicine for 6 months (1/12/92 to 31/5/93) Crete Naval Hospital. 
12 months rural service (17/3/94 to 17/2/95) 
One year internal medicine (17/3/95 to 1/4/96) Larissa General Hospital. 
4 years nuclear medicine residency (1/7/96 to 03/07/00) at Athens university hospital ‘ALEXANDER’.

During my residency I have been specialized in cardiology and endocrinology.
6 months clinical endocrinology  (1/2/98 to 31/7/98) Β΄ endocrinology department  Alexander university hospital 
6 months clinical cardiology (15/8/98 to 15/2/99) I.C.U. Alexander university hospital
11 years private laboratory of nuclear medicine (2001-2011). During this period I have seen more than 15.000 patients


«Right to left end diastolic volume ratio calculated by gated spect blood pool imaging correlates with pulmonary artery pressure in patients with pulmonary hypertension». Τ.Athanasoulis, L. Karaloizos, K. Palaskas, D. Hatzifotiadis, Ch.Caliotzi, S. Gerali, P. Kostamis. J.N.M May 1998 

« TL 201 Reverse redistribution phenomenon after ingestion at stress persist and in subsequent reingenction redistribution study». Τ.Athanasoulis, L. Karaloizos, N. Sifakis, Ch. Caliontzi, E. Papadaki, S. Gerali European J.N.M August 98 volume 25 
« Role of Tc99m-Sestabili shintigraphy in the initial presurgical localization of hyperfunctinal parathyroid glands». Τ.Athanasoulis, Ch. Caliontzi, N. Sifakis, E. Papadaki, L. Karaloizos, S. Gerali European J.N.M August 98 volume 25 
« The role of cytokines and cortizol in the non thyroidal illness syndrome following acute myocardial infarction».E.Karga, P.Papaioannou, K.Venetsanou,F.Papandroylaki, L.Karaloizos, G. Papaioannou, P. Papapetroy. European Journal of Endocrinology 2000 Mar 142 (3) : 236-42 
          PMID:10700717[PubMed-indexed for Medline] Related situation
Prognostic value of iodine-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine myocardial uptake and heart rate variability in cronic congestive heart failure secondary to ischemic or idiopatic dialated cardiomyopathy.
Anastasiou Nana MI, Terrovitis JV, Athanasoulis T, Karaloizos L, Geramoutsos A, Pappa L, Tsagalou EP, Efentakis S, Nanas SN.
Am. J. Cardiology 2005 Aug 1;96(3):427-31
PMID:16054475[Pub Med-indexed for Medline] Related situation

P.h.D. : 

Autonomic heart neurosis and prognosis of heart insufficiency patients.  (Athens University)


JOHN HOPKINS University hospital U.SA. 
(01/11/99 to 13/07/00) 

During this period I have been trained in positron emission camera (PE.T. camera) for internal human organs metastatic prognosis, in gamma camera for bone, gallium imaging, white blood cells localization (In-111 and Tc-99m), Immunoscintigraphy (oncoscint), Lymphoscintigraphy(lower extremities and malignant melanoma), Cerebral circulation imaging and brain imaging, Cisternography, Lumboperitoneal shunt patency, ventriculoatrial and ventriculoperitoneal shunt patency, Regional myocardial perfusion rest-stress (TL-201 and Tc-99m), Cardiac blood pool imaging-Right ventricle first pass, Right to left shunt quantification, Lower extremities radionuclide venography, Cardiac blood pool imaging stress-rest, Hepatic artery infusion pump imaging, Hepatobiliary imaging with Gallblader function evaluation, Hepatobiliary imaging Gallblader absent, Hepatobiliary imaging Biliary atresia, Esophageal reflux, Esophageal motor function semisolid, Gastric emptying solid, Meckel’s Diverticulum, Gastrointestinal bleeding imaging, Renal imaging with diuretic, Renal cortex imaging, Testicular imaging, Vescico-ureteral reflux, Lung perfusion-ventilation imaging, Liver-spleen imaging, Liver flow imaging, Liver transplantation imaging, Liver spect imaging(Hemangioma), Adrenal imaging(131-I MIBG), Salivary gland study, Whole body thyroid metastatic survey, Parathyroid imaging, Thyroid imaging with uptake(Tc-99m), prostascint scan, radiotherapy for metastatic patients with samarium, and prostate brachyterapy. 


Greek, Italian, English

47th Annual Meeting St. Louis Missuri June 3-7, 2000
20th Annual Congress of the European association of Nuclear Medicine October 13-17 2007, Copenhagen/ Denmark
21th Annual Congress of the European association of Nuclear Medicine October 11-17 2008, Munich/Germany


Classical Homeopathy : September 2003 – July 2007 Aegean University
Chinese Medicine : October 2007 – june 2010  I.C.M.A.R.T.
Neuroreflexology : October 2010 – December 2011