Integrative medicine is the full restoration of patients’ health naturally without the use of chemical substances. It works complementary to the formal medicine rather than competing. The purpose is to activate the potential of the body itself to heal. This procedure is called scientifically activation of the immune system. Normally the immune system is activated when an intruder like a microbe invades the organism. Then the organism produces antibodies, trying to defeat the invader. The effort repelling the attacker is known to us through fever. When our immune system is strong, the attacker is repelled in a short time. Otherwise for this process the organism spends more time, and then we are forced to seek medical health. Most of the cases we take antibiotics which is a weapon that weakens the attacker, however briefly returning severest having the physical ability to be mutated. Thus born diseases such as a chronic tonsillitis, forcing us to surgically remove this important human organ, therefore weaken our first line of defense. Integrative medicine restores the disorder without the removal of human organs, without submitting the patient to a large number of laboratory tests and without the financial burden. It spreads in all medical specialties such as internal medicine, endocrinology, cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, nephrology, gynecology, urology, psychiatry e.t.c. The difference is that primarily operates preventively and secondarily seeks to stop the continuous deterioration of a distressed organism. For example all may have happened to see a slightly elevated laboratory values such as glucose, cholesterol, creatinine, uric acid e.t.c. The target of the integrative medicine is not to get someone medications daily to reduce the high values of blood sugar and when it is no longer feasible to follow insulin injections completely disorganize the endocrine system. The goal of integrative medicine is to find the real cause of the organism disorganization as can be such a sadness,  and after cure to return the normal glucose values to the patient forever without having to spend every day medicines. People starting a renal failure is not intended to direct the patient to dialysis as it is today, but to keep the renal failure stable avoiding a possible dialysis. Cancer patients with suffering especially after chemotherapy seeks to provide better quality of life and prolongation of survival time. Integrative medicine involves homeopathy, Chinese medicine, auriculotherapy, and reflexology and offers a better quality of life without chemical drugs.
The next time you need medical help, both you and your children or your parents think that apart from the easy solution of a chemical drug, or removing a vital human organ such as thyroid, or even on your fight to prevent the worst, remember that there is the holistic medicine that quickly restore your disorder.

Lazaros Karaloizos is a Greek medical doctor who practices medicine since 2000 in the specialty of nuclear medicine. He is graduated of medical school of Rome in 1992. He completed his specialization in Johns Hopkins university hospital of Baltimore U.S.A. He has PhD at Athens University and he contributed in many academic papers in world recognized medical journals. Also he dealt with the integrative medicine since 2002. His purpose is to help people who need to exempt from the prison of their illness.