It is one of the most common cause of search in pediatric medical care. Studies have shown that parents have a fear of fever. 63% believe that fever fear, will cause some damage, 18% think the damage will be detected in the brain, 34% said that fever over 38.9 has serious consequences, while 6% that fever will continue to rise up to 43.3 if antipyretics are not given. The consequences of fevers fear, is children and parents sleep disorder, by frequent temperature measurement and administration of antipyretics with increased probability of poisoning by them. The above shows that there is an urgent need to inform parents that a fever rarely causes complications. The normal temperature can range from 36.1 to 38.0. Assessing the temperature, should be taken into account that certain conditions such as excessive wear, warm weather, and physical exertion increase the temperature up to 38.5. The most common cause of disease in childhood is virus infections. Fever decline coincides with the decline of the disease. On virus infections fever does not exceed 40 degrees and usually lasts 2-3 days. The best time of day to measure fever, is in the morning. But we must understand that the disease is not a disease, but a symptom. In this sense the fever is useful because it reduces the production of microbial toxins, kills germs sensitive to elevated body temperature, increases the defensive functions of the body and also contributes to protection against cancer. Fever does cause neither brain injury nor other organs damage. During the disease, should be given plenty of fluids, limitation of activities and avoid excessive wear. It should be clear to parents that antipyretics reduce the temperature for a while but not back to normal. Nevertheless the duration of antipyretic therapy should not exceed 3 days.

Homeopathy has the ability to restore the normal child's temperature simply because it strengthens the immune system. Restoration of normal temperature in acute fever conditions is short.


Cough is one of the most common problems in pediatrics, while parents seek reasoning and treatment. Most often the disease causing cough usually subsides. But cough is causing great concern to parents. The cough is therefore a severe lung spasm, which aims to remove secretions and debris. Cough is divided into acute cough caused by infections and chronic cough caused mainly by allergies. Infections and bronchial asthma are frequent causes of cough in childhood. Parents should be aware that cough in children does not harm, is a protective mechanism, and in most cases no special care is needed. The administration of fluid significantly improves cough because secretions are liquidated. The duration of cough rarely exceed 7 days in children. Caution! Antitussives should not be administered to infants less than 4 months.
 For homeopathy small cough symptoms mostly keep unnoticed by parents, are of great importance for the treatment. Great importance for homeopathy has the time where cough becomes stronger. In the morning just when the child wake up? At night, just gone to sleep? When falling asleep, or before waking? Great role is also played by temperature that means cough gets worse in hot, cold or moisture environment? Thus, to select the correct homeopathic remedy, correct information should be given by the parents. When the child receives the correct homeopathy remedy, cough will be cured in a short time.


Ear pain is the most common problem in childhood and in most cases occurs at night. Pain is usually treated by administration of painkiller. Ear ache causes severe and constant pain and often accompanied by fever. In 80% of cases ear pain ought to purulent media otitis. Most often concerns otitis external that is an inflammation of the ear canal. Usually treated with antibiotics, but no permanent cure is evident and usually ear pain relapses by repeated otitis incidents. The reason for this is that a) the child's immune system is weak and b) the microbes tend to mutate and need stronger antibiotics.
 For homeopathy otitis treatment, symptoms such as disease location, concerning right or left ear is very important, mouth odor smelling bad or not, and whether pain improves when child drinks water. When parents give such clear information to homeopathy, acute otitis pain disappears in short time.


It is the most common problem in childhood, but in most cases self healed. Diarrhea is the increased frequency of water stools content, always compared with the previous commendation child's stools. Breastfed infants usually have a bowel movement at each feeding. In older children the frequency of stools can vary from one or more a day or only one after days. Acute diarrhea is usually the result of virus enteritis and presented with no or low fever, vomiting and frequent watery stools. The presence of tears and saliva but the absence of thirst indicates that there is proper hydration. Their absence, together with dry tongue is a sign of dehydration. Apart from the frequency and quantity of stools, the quantity and frequency of urine estimated is a good indicator of child’s hydration.

WARNING: excessive use of antibiotics often leads to increased incidence of diarrhea.

Frequent hand washing is the simplest, cheapest effective and easy method of protection against leaks. Traditional treatment includes fluids and diet for 24-48 hours and a gradual return to normal diet.

Homeopathy restores in a very short time the diarrhea of ​​childhood.


Is a condition characterized by a few and hard stools that are difficult to shed. It is known that children who breastfeed have 1-7 soft stools a day. Unlike children fed, cow's milk usually 1-2 bowel movements a day happens. But can a breastfeed infant to have a bowel movement every 4-5 days without being sick or have constipation? Greater importance as of course the number and composition of the stools is the quality of life and vitality of the child.

There are not only few times when only the increase of sugar in child’s milk or fluid in the form of fruit, and diet supplement with vegetables and fruits restores the stools to normal rhythm. Fruits and vegetables that should be avoided by a child with chronic constipation are: banana, apple, pear, melon, carrots and cabbage. Vegetables with large green leaves, like lettuce, endive, spinach and raw grain (bread) mobilize the bowel. The plums and plum juice have beneficial effects in many children with chronic constipation.

CAUTION: Enema should not be used to treat chronic constipation despite other attempts have failed.

Homeopathy successfully contributes to the smooth functioning of the bowel.


It is a group of illnesses which have as common feature the presence of a significant number of urine bacteria.

* Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder presented with pain and frequent urination. The child stand without fever and in some cases coexist hematuria. The usual treatment is antibiotics after antibiogram, thus aiming the specific microbe.

For homeopathy which germs cause the infection, is not important at all. Homeopathy believes that the child suffered a urinary tract infection because its immune system is weak, and precisely for this reason homeopathy remedies reinforce it. As result, the child after homeopathy protection does not suffer again from urinary infections. Unlike antibiotics which not only kill germs temporarily, but germs return more violent, therefore the child not only suffers from urinary tract and bladder infections, but it ends up doing serious pyelonephritis.

* Pyelonephritis is the spread of germs in the kidney calyx. The symptoms are malaise, chills, high fever, and pain. The term pyelonephritis is used to indicate the kidneys size reduction and the development of scar tissue. Antibiotics after culture are the treatment of choice for pyelonephritis.

Homeopathy disagrees with this confrontation, because in most cases leads to kidney hydronephrosis initially and long during adulthood in kidney failure. Facing pyelonephritis with homeopathy, the infection descends initially from the kidney to the bladder and urethra. Later infection disappears completely, permanently and without relapses.


Is an inflammation of the central nervous system, meninges and brain caused by viruses and bacteria. Frequency is quite high and accompanied by a feed refusal, lethargy, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and convulsions. These children give the impression of drunk, poisoned, or someone who uses drugs. Treatment in this case is a combination of antibiotics even in the case of viral meningitis. Nevertheless, mortality ranges from 5-15%.

This serious nervous system infection heals completely with homeopathy in a very short period of time regardless the cause of the disease. Choosing the correct homeopathic remedy, temperature, language state, inconvenience, and fear plays role. Once the child takes the correct homeopathy remedy, fever will continue for some hours, and then declines gradually. Homeopathy asserts that, the slightest case of mortality disappears.


it is the most common chronic respiratory disease in childhood. The boys seem to be affected more than girls until the age of 10 years. Later years presented with the same frequency in both sexes. Its appearance increases in spring and autumn. Bronchial asthma in childhood is an event that causes allergic bronchial spasm. Appearance, worsening or prolonging of asthma symptoms caused more frequently by respiratory viruses and less frequently by fatigue, weather changes, smells, fumes, mental stress and drugs such as aspirin. There are no signs that germs cause bronchial asthma. Chronic cough presented in the evening and the morning hours. Bronchial asthma treatment runs with bronchodilators which designed to temporarily relax the bronchi spasms. Additionally used corticosteroids in vapor and injection form which causes long-term adverse effects on the child. Finally immunotherapy is used which is the administration of vaccines against the responsible allergen. Despite the long course of treatment (approximately 3 years), immunotherapy is a failed treatment because it causes only initial improvement of symptoms because they suppress the normal immune response. Upon therapy completion, severest crises of bronchial asthma returns.

Homeopathy offers a full treatment of bronchial asthma in childhood simply strengthening children’s immune system. When the child has acquired a strong immune system, asthmatic relapses cease.


It is a collagen disease (fibrous substance that forms the main component of connective tissue). Characteristic of the disease is joints inflammation and increased synovial fluid. In the initial stages pain is intense and limited to a joint. The forms can get this disease are diverse as oligoarthritis that 5 joints are related, polyarthritis that most joints are affected, and systemic form where other organs besides the joints are affected. Treatment accomplished with anti-inflammatory drugs but did not offer anything special to the disease’s progression. Prognosis for children with positive rheumatoid factor is a permanent joint damage and disability in 50% of cases. 80% of children with negative rheumatoid factor usually do not develop complications.

Homeopathy for children with any form of this disease can significantly improve the level of health by preventing complications until the full restoration of health. Most importantly, for therapeutic process is that the child should start homeopathic treatment as soon as after diagnosis. Parents should understand that they lose time with other treatments which cause joints anatomical damages which are then difficult to be repaired.


It is a common skin condition accompanied by severe itching, rash subcutaneous bubbles, liquid surface and scales. It is the most common skin disease of childhood. Its appearance is associated with the introduction of cow's milk in child’s diet and of various foods, especially egg, orange juice, nuts, fish, meat and others. Initially the lesion of atopic dermatitis in infancy located in the cheeks, characterized by redness, scales and subcutaneous blisters that when broken, suggesting wet surface. Apart from the cheeks atopic dermatitis is found on the scalp and other places like the neck and behind ears. Atopic dermatitis characteristic is the presence of intense itching. Besides itching, skin is always dry. Skin will be hydrated and irritating clothing will be avoided. Pharmacologically used steroids and antibiotics but they just suppress the disease without ever cure.

Homeopathy cure’s this disease in a very short time simply by strengthening the child's immune system.


It is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin reaction that develops over the scalp and rubbed body parts as groin, perinatal area and behind ears. Absence itching differentiate it from atopic dermatitis.Treatment is the use of steroids. But when the disease spreads to larger areas, corticosteroids should be used with great caution, because absorption will delay child’s development and will reduce adrenal function.

Homeopathy cures child’s disease without leaving the slightest sign that resembles its existence.


It is a highly contagious skin disease manifested by severe itchy rash. The diffused impression that the scab was disappeared, due to historical events associated with wars, poverty and concentration camps. But the truth is that scabies affects people of all ages and social levels of life. Transmission occurs from person to person after close contact, or rarely from contaminated clothing or bedding. The disease is characterized by intense itchy rash. The location of the rash are the skin folds,  the flexural surfaces of the wrist, the extensive surfaces of elbows, the anterior aspects of the armpit, around the nipples, belly button, penis and lower parts of the buttocks . The special feature of scabies is itching intensity increasing at night. The conventional treatment is akarea killers which are repeated many times because itching continues and new skin lesions appear.

In homeopathy, disease is completely restored and the skin returns to its normal state.